2403 W Fairview – Adare

This housing development by Northwest Integrity Housing Company incorporates City-owned property on the south side of Fairview between 24th & 25th Street, was completed in 2019.

The Adare development team was comprised of Northwest Integrity Housing Co., Thomas Development Company, and Pacific West Communities, Inc. The team submitted a proposal to the City of Boise late in 2015 to develop a city owned parcel with mixed income housing on it. The City has leased the ground to the developer/ owner for 40 years. The development team along with its public partners including the CCDC, City of Boise and the Idaho Housing and Finance Association (IHFA) worked diligently to make this project feasible as construction costs continued to increase and the tax credit market responded to tax reform. The developer revised the development program and the partners revised their financial commitments to bring this project to fruition and create high quality urban housing in location that promotes walkability and access to a variety of amenities.

The site is located in the 30th Street Urban Renewal Area. The mixed-use project includes retail space along Fairview and 25th Street and 134 units of rental housing. 130 apartments are rented to households whose income does not exceed 60% AMI (about $42,200 for a family of four), 13 apartments were reserved to be leased at market rates, and 1 apartment reserved for the on-site manager. 

Construction was completed in 2019. CCDC Development Director, Doug Woodruff, lead this project. 

Visit www.adare.pwapt.com to learn more. For leasing information, please email adare@tomlinson-associates.com or call (208) 343-7800.