617 Ash Street – Hayman House

Since 2011, CCDC has owned the single family home addressed as 617 Ash Street in the River Myrtle Old Boise Urban Renewal District. The property is referred to as the Hayman House as it was owned for many years by Erma Hayman.  Ms. Hayman’s grandson, Dick Madre, sold the property to CCDC, with the expectation to preserve the home as a unique piece of Boise history as well as African American history. The home was constructed in 1907 and is one of the few remaining original residences in the River Street Neighborhood, which was home to a thriving African American, Basque and immigrant neighborhood in Boise’s early days. The home is made of sandstone and, although modest, is architecturally unique.  The home is architecturally significant as it is constructed with sandstone. It is currently vacant and in-tact.

CCDC owns the parcels adjacent to the home as well. In September of 2016 the agency advertised a Request for Development Proposals/ Qualifications (RFP/Q).  Since that time CCDC has been working closely with the City of Boise Arts and History Department and Planning Development Services Department to create workforce housing on the 0.75 – acre site. The Ash Street Townhomes will complement the River Street Neighborhood Plan as well as the Hayman House’s historic values.  For these reasons the Hayman House property was intentionally not included in the Ash Street Disposition process and the developer has created a vision for the property that is conscious of the Hayman House and the adjacent park.  The Ash Street Townhomes are hoping to start construction as early as this spring.

In March 2016, the CCDC Board agreed with Staff’s suggestion to start discussion with the City of Boise Arts and History Department to confirm their interest in the property.  The thought was and continues to be that the City, specifically The Arts and History Department, is better suited to preserve, maintain and operate the property as a long term asset to the community, similar to the project they have recently completed, the James Castle House.  For a variety of reasons including the design and timeline of the adjacent workforce housing project, known as The Ash Street Townhomes, the City and CCDC are both comfortable moving forward with the conveyance.

Funds have been included within CCDCs CIP since 2016 for capital needs improvements that were expected to be complete either upon closing or conveyed with the title to the property.

In 2017 the Department of Arts and History completed a Design RFP to create a plan for the property including improvements inside the structure as well as an extensive landscape plan that incorporates flexible space for meetings, concerts, educational activities, etc. Due to the recent revision in the flood plain boundaries the site requires additional improvements to meet the new flood plain requirements.

CCDC Development Director, Todd Bunderson, manages this project.

Read more about future improvements: Hopes for Hayman House Might Soon Be Reality – Boise Weekly.