8th & Bannock Improvements

Capital City Development Corporation (CCDC) has begun construction to transform 8th Street between Bannock Street and State Street, furthering the vision of 8th Street as a dynamic destination within Boise’s downtown core. Construction will result in an extension of existing 8th Street features between Main Street and Bannock that make the street a desirable location for retail and restaurants while expanding accessibility for the public.

Impact and Detours
Construction started in August and will continue through June 2021 in multiple phases. The phases will break up construction areas to expedite the process and allow for continued pedestrian and vehicle traffic as well as help minimize disruption to area businesses. Construction will be occurring adjacent the Borah Post Office through January. Construction is expected to resume on the north side of Bannock Street between 9th Street and 8th Street around the end of February, as weather permits.

Pedestrians: Pedestrian access is open on 8th Street between Bannock and State. There will be pedestrian detours adjacent the post office through January (please see access maps on this page) All work areas will continue to have safety barricades and detours will be ADA compliant.

Drivers: Vehicle traffic is open on 8th Street and Bannock Street at this time. Expect vehicular restrictions periodically on Bannock in the spring as work continues.

Project progress and updates will occur on this page or you can follow CCDC on Facebook.

Streetscape improvements include:

  • New street trees will be added along Bannock and 8th to add atmosphere and expand the urban tree canopy network.
  • The sidewalk from Bannock to Jefferson will be expanded to accommodate future patio uses and extend the pedestrian network.
  • Protected bike lanes will be added, extending the aesthetic and ease of access to local businesses for cyclists.
  • A dedicated southbound bike lane and northbound shared lane will be added to 8th These facilities complete the bicycle corridor from the Boise River to the North End.

For project specific questions or concerns, please contact CCDC Project Manager Karl Woods.