Block 7 Alley

CCDC has been working with other public agencies, developers, property owners/managers, utility providers, and the public in recent years to make greater use of alleys in the downtown area as public spaces. The alley in Block 7 (between the Basque Block and Main Street) is the latest such effort. This alley was identified as a priority for improvement due to proximity to active uses and high volume of foot traffic, existing drainage issues, and unsuitability for permeable paver retrofit due to the presence of grease barrels and old, unsealed foundations and basements.

The project includes replacing the deteriorating asphalt with concrete, installing overhead lighting, and working with adjacent businesses to consolidate and screen trash and recycling. The project will also install a conduit bank as part of a connection between the existing conduit banks on Capitol Boulevard and Broad Street.

Project Timeline and Key Milestones:

  • June 2019: Invitation to bid
  • Summer 2019: Award contract, begin construction
  • Fall 2019: Project complete

CCDC Project Manager Matt Edmond is overseeing this project.