Central District Improvements

Boise's Central District including the Grove Plaza and 8th Street core.

The Boise Central Urban Renewal District sunsetted in FY2018.  At that time, CCDC stopped collecting tax revenue allocations for the district and ceased making public improvements therein.  Considering the impending district sunset and need for repairs and minor improvements, the Agency budgeted approximately $580,000 in FY17 to improve 8th Street (from Bannock to Main) and $868,400 in FY18 to make repairs throughout the Central District.

CCDC staff completed a physical assessment of all 42 block faces in the Central District, which documented the existing conditions, targets deficiencies, proposes improvements, and estimates the cost of each proposed repair/improvement at that time. Needed repairs and desired improvements were cataloged in a field report. This included items such as: brick pavement repair, tree grate replacement, updating furnishings, enhancing pedestrian ramps, and improving loading zones. The streetscapes and other public improvements in this district are up to 30 years old and some areas were in need of repair. Downtown growth is also changing how public space is used in the district, creating a need for some design enhancements and minor improvements to existing public spaces such as 8th Street. Additionally, the alleyways between 9th and Capitol were re-paved and updated as part of the construction. Construction began in spring of 2018 and was completed by September 2018.

Central District “Before” Photos…
Central District "Before" Photo

Central District "Before" Photo

Downtown Core