Main & Fairview Transit Stations


CCDC, in cooperation with the City of Boise and Valley Regional Transit, is redesigning and constructing improvements at seven bus stops along Main Street and Fairview Ave. between Whitewater Park Blvd and N 16th St. Main St and Fairview Ave serve as important transportation corridors for multiple modes, including bicycle, vehicle, and transit.

In 2019, ACHD completed a microseal project on Main St and Fairview Ave, which included restriping the lanes to make room for buffered bike lanes. The welcomed addition of buffered bike lanes came with unforeseen lane crossing conflicts between buses and bikes at each transit stop necessitating additional infrastructure to ensure a safe interface for all users.

CCDC has contracted with HDR Engineering to provide design services for a safe solution at the seven identified bus stops, which will be completed in spring 2021 with construction to follow in summer 2021. After the project is complete, buses will be able to make in-lane stops on Main and Fairview without disrupting the flow of the bike lane through the use of transit islands. This project is located within CCDC’s 30th Street District.

Main & Fairview Fact Sheet
75% Design Drawings

CCDC Project Manager, Amy Fimbel, is overseeing this project.