Main & Fairview Transit Stations


CCDC, in cooperation with the City of Boise and Valley Regional Transit, is redesigning and constructing improvements at six bus stops along Main Street and Fairview Avenue from North 16th to North 27th streets. Main Street and Fairview Avenue serve as important transportation corridors for multiple modes, including bicycle, vehicle, and transit.

In 2019, ACHD completed a microseal project on Main St and Fairview Ave, which included restriping the lanes to make room for buffered bike lanes. The addition of buffered bike lanes came with unforeseen lane crossing conflicts between buses and bikes at each transit stop necessitating additional infrastructure to ensure a safe interface for all users.

CCDC worked over the last several months to design a safe, effective solution for the multiple modes of transportation used along this important commuting corridor. CCDC consulted with businesses and property owners along Main and Fairview, alongside commuters and project stakeholders, to design a bus stop solution that would allow buses to safely stop for passengers without crossing lanes and disrupting the flow of bike traffic.

Project and Construction

The new, raised transit stations, a first for downtown Boise, will create an additional buffer between vehicle traffic and cyclists and feature amenities such as covered bus shelters with solar-powered lighting, benches, trash receptacles, railings, and upgraded ADA pedestrian ramps. Construction of the platforms will occur throughout the fall and into the winter, with full construction completed by Spring 2022. Construction updates, including pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle access information will be added to this web page regularly.

A sixth transit station to be located at 27th Street and Fairview Avenue will be constructed later in the summer of 2022 by St. Luke’s Health Systems in partnership with CCDC. All the new stations will be located in CCDC’s 30th Street District, which was established in 2014 and runs through 2033.

Construction Update: January 5, 2022
Starting Monday, January 10, crews will be back out to resume work on the Main & Fairview Transit Stations project. Work next week will be focused at the Main/27th Street station and travel lanes on Main Street will be reduced to two lanes in this area.

Work occurring in January includes:

  • Install the railing that separates the bike lane from the bus platform
  • Sod restoration at Fairview/17th and Main/23rd
  • Corrective work at the Fairview/24th and Main/27th stations
  • General cleanup

There will also be additional work that will occur in March 2022 when the weather is more conducive and that includes:

  • Pavement markings, including green bike lane paint
  • Improvements at the southeast corner of Main and 27th
  • Installation of bus shelters

Impact and Detours

Travel lanes will be reduced to two lanes on Main Street near 27th Street. A pedestrian detour is still in place on the east crossing at Main/27th to ensure pedestrian safety. Inbound bus stop at Fairview/17th has been closed and a temporarily stop is at Fairview/18th.  Changes to bus stop locations are listed under Service Alerts on the Valley Regional Transit website.

CCDC Project Manager, Amy Fimbel, is overseeing this project.