Old Boise Blocks on Grove Street – Placemaking and Redevelopment Strategy

In 2000, property owners requested the Old Boise Historic District area receive urban renewal assistance due to the area’s economic underperformance, lack of street infrastructure, and need for financial assistance with structured public parking to overcome barriers preventing private infill development and revitalization. Between 2000 and 2019, private investment had largely not occurred in this area despite an upcycle in real estate trends. Interest in creating a reinvestment strategy for the Old Boise Blocks on Grove street picked up again in 2019 when a private parking structure began construction with assistance from CCDC. Now as the River Myrtle/Old Boise district nears the end of it’s term, CCDC hopes to create a place making and economic development plan that will further energize and activate one of Boise’s original neighborhoods.

Why Grove Street?
Grove Street in the Old Boise Blocks holds unique characteristics and history, contains several parcels with high redevelopment potential, and includes property owners and neighbors supportive of investments that will transform the area. The area also offers critical linkages to increase mobility throughout downtown, attract more economic activity, and provide needed infrastructure such as gathering spaces, parking, retail and housing. Creating a collaborative, community-supported vision for the area will drive the overall placemaking and reinvestment strategy, helping kick-off a modern-day transformation of Grove Street in the Old Boise Blocks.

About the Old Boise Grove Street Visioning Project
The Old Boise Blocks project area consists of eight city blocks along the east end of Grove Street, adjacent to Boise’s downtown core, with focus given to Grove Street itself between 3rd and 5th Street. Through an inclusive process, CCDC aims to create opportunities for property owners, stakeholders and the general public to articulate a coherent, collaborative vision for the redevelopment of this unique area. The intent of the vision and process is to:

1. Identify community needs and how they could be met in this area

2. Bring forward and recognize ways to incorporate the area’s history and culture

3. Help direct public investments

4. Influence and inspire private development.

Stakeholders and the general public are invited to be partners in the transformation of this area and help create a space that is unique and beloved. CCDC hopes this process and resulting public investments – which could include street and sidewalk improvements, stormwater systems, lighting, public art, tree canopy, street furnishings, design details, parking garages and public spaces – will stimulate economic benefits, such as:

Creation of attractive activity centers that draw more commerce and visitation into this area. Improvements to employee, visitor and resident mobility and circulation. Catalyzing additional private investment and an increase to the tax base downtown.

Public Process – How you can get involved
In the first project phase beginning June 2020, project stakeholders will convene for a series of initial visioning conversations to share information and background about the project area and to discuss ideas and goals for the area.

In the second phase, planned for July 2020, the visioning process will expand to the general public and any additional key stakeholders.

In the final phase, feedback and input will be summarized and packaged to be incorporated into further steps of the placemaking and redevelopment strategy.

This project page will be updated regularly with opportunities to learn more and participate in the visioning process as the project progresses. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on this and other CCDC projects.


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For project specific questions, concerns, or to share your ideas for Grove Street in the Old Boise Blocks, please contact CCDC Project Manager Karl Woods.