827 Main Street – The Grove Plaza

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In May 2015, CCDC began an outreach campaign and launched a public survey to gather input and ideas related to what the public wanted to see when The Grove Plaza renovation was complete. Using this input, CCDC, with design help from the local Boise firm, CSHQA, and the Portland-based firm, Zimmer Gunsel Frasca (ZGF), prepared design plans. The plans focused on three key elements: enhance the user experience, nurture the positive community spirit, and use environmentally responsible practices.

CCDC renovated the plaza in conjunction with other major construction projects on The Grove Plaza including the City Center Plaza building, Main Street Station, and the Boise Centre expansion. Construction began in early spring of 2016 and  finished in conjunction with the construction taking place on the adjacent properties. Visit www.TheGrovePlaza.comfor more information about the 2016 renovation.

Major Improvements:

Renovated the fountain preserving and enhancing its attributes

  • Maintained paving as continuous surface with new brick pavers to replace broken and cracked bricks
    • Original engraved bricks were re-engraved and replaced
    • Re-initiated a personalized, engraved brick program
  • Added supplemental shade structures
  • Provided improved performance stage (demountable)
  • Installed permanent sound and lighting equipment for ambient music and events
  • Implemented open Wi-Fi access
  • Replaced old picnic tables and provide additional moveable seating and furniture
  • Determined health of trees and replaced trees in decline
  • Implemented suspended paving system to replace the concrete tree wells
  • Built green storm water infrastructure and installed high efficiency water-wise irrigation system

The renovation of The Grove Plaza was complete in summer 2017. CCDC Senior Project Manager, Doug Woodruff, managed this project.