1420 W. Front Street – Verraso

An 8 unit, for-rent housing development being developed by Envision 360 of Boise. The 15th Street streetscapes will be improved as part of the development.

This project will include four 2-bedroom units, three 3-bedroom units, and one 4-bedroom unit. Each unit will have a one-car garage located off the alley. The units range from 1,300 to 1,800 SF. Verraso was approved by Design Review on January 9, 2017. The developer broke ground in July 2017, and construction is underway.

CCDC Board has approved the CCDC Participation Program which includes a Type 1 Streetscape Grant Reimbursement. The Type 1 program is intended to, “assist smaller projects on their own schedule, often triggered by a tenant improvement.” The grant will reimburse for up to $150,000 of eligible expenses, hard costs for streetscapes and public improvements. This project meets the requirements of the Type One Program and also promotes a CCDC and City objective to bring more housing to downtown Boise.

The public improvements on 15th street will follow the Urban Concrete standard as specified by the City of Boise in the Downtown Streetscapes Standards and Specifications Manual. The streetscapes will include concrete sidewalk, street trees, Silva Cells, historic streetlights, benches, bike racks, and irrigation. These eligible expenses will be included in the request for reimbursement after the project is complete. Front Street will not have streetscape improvements as the existing right-of-way is too narrow.The reimbursement will be paid upon completion of the project, and once actual costs are verified.

CCDC Project Manager, Laura Williams, is managing this project.