Main St. and Capitol Blvd – Main Street Station

After many years of planning, the new downtown multi-modal center is under construction. Located adjacent The Grove Plaza, the newly named “Main Street Station” will be an underground transit center owned and operated by Valley Regional Transit. The facility is being built by Gardner Company and is expected to be ready for public use in late 2016.

CCDC and many other agencies, businesses, politicians, and local leaders worked in unison to bring this idea to fruition. The ambitious approach to using the subterranean space for this purpose was part of a multi-faceted plan by Gardner Company. In partnership with Valley Regional Transit, Boise City, ACHD, and Gardner Development Company, CCDC:

  • Leveraged a $10,000,000 federal transit authority grant by providing $2,400,000 in local matching funds,
  • Contributed a subterranean condominium parcel of underground space for construction of the main street station under the Grove Plaza,
  • Provided footing and foundation and utility encroachment easements to create sufficient space for multimodal transit function,
  • Provided $200,000 of environmental remediation assistance required to excavate site for main street station,
  • Provided $200,000 of construction deposit requirements for main street roadwork,
  • Provided $450,000 of public utility infrastructure in the right of way serving main street station,
  • Provided $120,000 in structural tree well support for replacement of Grove Plaza trees in the roof of the underground multimodal facility,
  • Funded $175,000 in street and signal changes to convert 8th Street to North bound to assist with traffic flow during construction of main street, and
  • Provided $43,450 in discounted staging charges for construction use of Grove Plaza.

The Grove Plaza is expected to become even more activated as a result of the the MSS being located nearby, as will the Agency owned and operated section of North 8th Street. More information is available at