16th & Idaho – Idaho Street Town Homes

The Idaho Street Townhomes are to be constructed between 16th and 17th south on Idaho Street.

The Idaho Street Townhomes were constructed between 16th and 17th south on Idaho Street. The project was completed  by the local development company, Hale Development, Inc. The project includes 15 town homes with outdoor private space for each residence. The units are planned to have flexible living space to allow for live/work uses. The project will provide 46 onsite parking spaces for its residents off the existing alley.

Hale Development, Inc.  completed its streetscape improvements per its Conditions for Approval with the City of Boise. Through CCDC’s Participation Program, $109,000 was reimbursed to the developer for improvements completed in the public right of way. The eligible improvements include street trees, historic street lights, street furnishings (bike racks and benches), sidewalks and landscaping.

The Idaho Street Townhomes qualified for the Type 1 Streetscape Grant Program, which is intended to assist smaller projects on their own schedule. CCDC feels confident that this project will help transform an area currently on the outer-region of the central downtown, and is pleased to help the developer move forward with the project.

The townhomes are estimated to cost $3.6 in construction and are slated to be complete by the end of 2016.

Shellan Rodriguez is the project manager for The Idaho Street Townhomes project.