11th & Myrtle – Pioneer Corner

Through the Front and Myrtle Alternatives Analysis, CCDC staff and agency partners identified a number of near term improvements along the Front and Myrtle corridor that could be accomplished either as a part of or concurrently with the ITD resurfacing project on Front, Myrtle, and Broadway scheduled to occur in the fall of 2017.






One of the more notable near term improvements identified was an improved connection between the existing Pioneer Pathway and the intersection of 11th and Myrtle Streets. This improved connection was proposed to include a realigned crosswalk on Myrtle Street and directional pedestrian ramps at the corner (to be done as part of the ITD resurfacing), and the widening of the pathway paver area on the southwest corner of Myrtle and 11th Streets to better accommodate both bicyclists and pedestrians transitioning to and from the main pathway. Subsequent discussions with Boise City staff, CCDC staff, and the adjacent property owner showed consensus to also included additional trees, benches, and a waste bin.

The CCDC Board of Commissioners approved a Type 4 agreement in July with BVGC Parcel B, LLC to construct the improvements concurrent with the Pioneer Crossing project. The construction of the improved corner is scheduled for fall of 2017, to be complete in early winter 2018.

Improvements will include:
-widened pathway/plaza (~19’)
-Two new benches and a trash receptacle
-Two River Birch trees
-Directional ped ramps (ITD project)
-Realigned crosswalk (ITD project)

Estimated cost $100,000

CCDC Project Manager, Matt Edmond, is overseeing the Pioneer Corner project.