5th & Myrtle – Jullia Davis Park 5th St, Entrance

CCDC, in partnership with the City of Boise, is developing a pathway connection from the south end of 5th Street into Julia Davis Park. This connection is part of Boise’s Central Addition LIV District initiative and the Boise Parks Department’s plans for Julia Davis Park. The entrance is intended to increase the visibility and access to Julia Davis Park from Downtown Boise, as well as increase connections across Front and Myrtle streets between Julia Davis Park, the Central Addition LIV District, and downtown Boise.

The pathway project includes reconstruction of 5th Street south of Myrtle with 12’ wide stamped concrete sidewalks, 4’ wide furnishing zones for street lights and trees, a 52′ vehicular turnaround, and a 12’ wide pathway with landscaping that will take pedestrians and cyclists from the south end of 5th Street to Julia Davis Drive.

While the pathway connection into Julia Davis Park south of 5th Street will be for pedestrians and cyclists only, the project will preserve vehicular access on 5th Street south of Myrtle as it currently exists.

Construction is expected to begin in Spring 2017 following the extension of a geothermal line in the area and to be complete in late Summer of 2017.

CCDC Project Manager: Karl Woods

Julia Davis Park Entrance