750 Main Street – Capitol Terrace

In 2018 the building was updated with new paint, awnings, lighting and cost approximately $1,000,000 in owner investment

Hawkins Companies is a commercial real estate and development company with an emphasis on retail and shopping centers. Hawkins purchased Capitol Terrace in downtown Boise in April 2017. The company has completed a major renovation of the exterior of the building. The improvements brought  the building up to date with new paint, awnings, lighting and cost approximately $1,000,000 in owner investment. Because the sidewalks have already been improved consistent with CCDC’s streetscape standards, the eligible costs only include the awnings located in the public right-of-way on the ground level. CCDC encourages owner/tenant improvements which refresh downtown buildings, boosts occupancy, and enhances the public realm and pedestrian experience.

The exterior updates included 22 new wood and steel awnings, replacing the previous fabric canopies. The new awnings extend 5 feet into the right-of-way and cover over 75% of the ground-floor frontage, and provides lighting to illuminate the sidewalk, which meets CCDC’s Participation Program specifications. In addition to material and size requirements, awnings must enhance the pedestrian environment and provide functional services (shelter from sun, rain, etc.) to the public sidewalks and streetscapes and must be either in the right-of-way and/or include a public easement.

In 2014, the Board of Commissioners approved the CCDC Participation Program which includes a Type 1 Streetscape Grant Reimbursement. The Type 1 program is intended to, “assist smaller projects on their own schedule, often triggered by a tenant improvement.” The grant will reimburse for up to $150,000 of eligible expenses which are awnings on 8th, Main, and Idaho Streets. This project meets the requirements of the Type One Participation Program and also promotes a CCDC and City objective to improve pedestrian connectivity downtown.

Laura Williams managed the 750 Main Street project.