1501 W Jefferson – Sturiale Place

This old house that is our Café & Gift Shop was once called the ‘Woods’ house located on 5th St in the Central Addition district in Downtown Boise.

A local business owner and avid historic preservationist, Rita Sturiale, purchased a 3,000 +/- s.f. historic residence previously located in the Central Addition LIV District across the street from the location of the Fowler Apartments. The house was initially built in 1893 for Mary F. Wood, the first librarian of the Boise Carnegie Library. In December 2015, it was relocated through a collaboration with Preservation IdahoLocal Construct, and Ms. Sturiale to 15th and Jefferson.

Sturiale restored the building including a substantial remodel and addition for it to become Sturiale Place, a specialty Italian café and a unique gift shop. The improvements included structural enhancements, the addition of a full basement, ADA restrooms, commercial kitchen and dining space, and a gift shop/ retail space. CCDC assistance for public improvements included street lighting, street trees, landscaping, and historic preservation expenses for the building facade. The total assistance coming to $114,000.

The renovation is complete and is open to the public. As a condition of the reimbursement, the developer dedicated a Historic Façade Easement to the City of Boise. The façade easement was recorded by Ada County in July 2017.

Visit The Sturiale Place website!

CCDC Project Manager, Laura Williams, managed this project.